words to use instead of great

30 Better Words to Use Instead of Great

Have you ever been writing something and felt like you kept using the same words over and over again? Perhaps you were writing a blog post, a speech, a paper, or even just a Facebook post, and no matter how hard you racked your brain, you just couldn’t muster any other word to use instead of “great.” It can be seriously frustrating, especially when the known synonyms are kind of lame and severely overused (looking at you, amazing). But, rejoice, my woeful communicators! I am nobly delivering 30 amazing words to use instead of great. Because you are entitled to an amazing vocabulary just like those snobby English majors. (What? I was an English major? OK, well I don’t count because I’m not like those other English majors; I’m a cool English major.)

Let’s just get the first order of business out of the way. It’s practically the elephant in the room at this point. Did you get the Mean Girls reference I just made in that first paragraph? If you did, I love you, and this is why we’re Internet friends (and maybe even real-life friends, whoa!). If you didn’t, I forgive you, but only because sometimes tone doesn’t get perfectly conveyed via written word. Don’t blame me. Blame the medium.

OK, now that that’s out of the way, we can get to the real reason we’re here: to give you some kickass vocab! *Insert resounding cheers echoing through the hallways of the imaginary mansion I like to pretend I live in. It’s so luxe in here. Oh, do I hear my grilled cheese sizzling on the stove?! Be right there!*

So are you ready to give your lame vocab an amazing upgrade? No longer do you have to succumb to the subpar constraints of overusing the word “great.” You can now woo your friends, family, and counterparts alike with your truly ineffable mastery of the English language. Check out the nifty infographic below that I put together for you savvy smartypants so you can save it to your desktop or pin it for easy access.

Here are some way better words to use instead of great:

words to use instead of great

Of course, if you’re lazy and want to copy and paste them for quick definition searches (some of these words refer to specific meanings of “great,” so be sure you know the true definition before slapping these into your letter to Santa), here they are:

  1. Fabulous

  2. Sublime

  3. Glorious

  4. Splendid

  5. Exalted

  6. First-Rate

  7. Exquisite

  8. Noteworthy

  9. Fetching

  10. Grand

  11. Substantial

  12. Imposing

  13. Significant

  14. Sumptuous

  15. Eminent

  16. Awe-inspiring

  17. Divine

  18. Enthralling

  19. Ineffable

  20. Magnificent

  21. Resplendent

  22. Brilliant

  23. Striking

  24. Wondrous

  25. Tantalizing

  26. Stirring

  27. Impressive

  28. Dazzling

  29. Bewitching

  30. Appreciable


I hope you’ll put these words to use! Some of them you might already know, so try to challenge yourself to use an unfamiliar word next time you are about to use the word “great.” The beauty of language is that there are so many words created to specifically describe certain feelings and opinions, and “great” is just too broad to successfully convey what you’re really trying to say.

What are some other words for “great” you like to use? Is there a specific one on this list you’re wanting to add to your vocabulary?

Stay smart, my friends. You’ll like yourself more because of it.

words to use instead of great

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