Best Galentine’s Day Gifts + “Date” Ideas

What’s Galentine’s Day, you ask? Well, in the words of my spirit animal, Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, “It’s only the best day of the year.”

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See, the idea of Galentine’s Day originated on NBC’s Parks and Rec, and it’s a fictional holiday worth celebrating. For starters, the name is totally catchy… “Galentine’s Day”–I’m still a little upset I didn’t think of that. Let it be known, though, that Galentine’s Day is much more than a cute play on words. (You can get Leslie Knope’s explanation in this short YouTube video.)

Galentine’s Day falls on February 13. It is a celebration of the ladies in your life: Those who listen to you when you’re blabbering on about losing those three pounds, year after year; the women who are there to drink wine with you on a Wednesday afternoon because life is hard; the chicas who pretend to be your lover when a weirdo at the bar doesn’t get the hint; the gals that share your sadistic sense of humor and only minorly judge you when you inevitably cross the line of moral acceptability.

On Galentine’s Day, you and your female friends all get together and hang out. You leave the husbands, boyfriends, and Tinder dates for one night, and you celebrate your friendships, whether newly forged or long-lasting. Oh, and you get each other little trinkets. Because no fake holiday is complete without some gift action!

So, what to get your girls for your first-ever (or fifth annual) Galentine’s Day? I’ve rounded up some of the best Galentine’s Day gifts I could find–all below $15. Boom-shaka-laka. (Someone remind me to never say boom-shaka-laka again.)

*Disclosure: Some of the links in here may be affiliate links, which means I get an itty bitty commission if you make a purchase. But don’t worry, I’d never suggest something I don’t use or want for myself!*


Best Galentine’s Day Gifts (Under $15!)

These cheeky little presents are super fun and don’t break the bank, making them ideal for Galentine’s Day. But, now that you’ve got your gifts, what are you going to do for Galentine’s Day? Below are some of my favorite ideas for some estrogen-fueled festivities.

  • Brunch. This is the original Galentine’s Day activity. “My lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.” –Leslie Knope
  • Wine. Galentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, and Mondays often call for some wine by the end of the day. See if you can’t find a local place near you with 2-for-1 bottles of wine–since Mondays are off-days for restaurants, they usually try to bring more people in with awesome specials like that. Just don’t forget the cheese.
  • Hang at home. Pick the friend with the best and biggest lounging area, and hang middle-school style, making snacks and chatting all night long. Of course, rom-coms and similar cinematic masterpieces are encouraged.
  • Potluck dessert. You could do a potluck dinner, but nothing brings people closer than indulging in a cheat day together.
  • Get crafty. Pick a few of those Pinterest crafts you’ve been eyeing and get everyone to give it a go. Something like making candles or an at-home version of “Painting with a Twist” will appeal to a variety of ladies, even if they’re not the crafty types.
  • Party. When in doubt, party it out. Whether you all go to the bar in your sweatpants or do a full contour, a good old-fashioned girls night out is never a bad idea.

And no matter what you do… No phone home!

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At the beginning of your Galentine’s Day celebration, be sure to gather everyone’s phones so that there are no calls to significant others back home. It’s not often you can get all the girls together without the guys, so honor that time together. If you’re worried about not taking any pictures, either buy a disposable camera for a throwback feel or use one person’s phone–on airplane mode.


Happy Galentine’s Day to you and yours!

Are you celebrating Galentine’s Day? What are some of your favorite gal pal party ideas?

best galentines day gifts

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  • karen

    All about GALentines Day – and even did a post about it myself! Love the idea that we are sharing the good vibes with our squad. I mean – why wouldnt we? Brunch sounds like the best way to celebrate!

    • Alyssa Ruane

      I agree–brunch is my favorite! Although, I’ve had to adapt to some laws in here in NC (as opposed to my former home in FL)–there are no bottomless mimosas here and you can’t order alcohol until noon on Sundays! lol

  • Ana De- Jesus

    I am thinking of having a galentines day myself because it is always fun to hang out with friends isn’t it? I love that cap it is adorable x

    • Alyssa Ruane

      You should! Girl time is always time well spent. 🙂

  • CoCo

    Love the gift ideas! I am hosting a group of my girlfriends from high school this year while we celebrate! Even though I have a SO I would rather spend the time with my girls!

    • Alyssa Ruane

      That sounds perfect! Have fun!!

  • Adrienne

    I had never heard of Galentine’s Day but love the idea! I have other loves in my life other than my hubby! What a great way to celebrate them! So cute!

    • Alyssa Ruane

      Haha yes exactly! 🙂

  • Jessi

    lol I had never heard that term Galentines day before but i love it.

    • Alyssa Ruane

      Hope you get to celebrate this year!

  • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I’ve never heard of Galentine’s Day before. Of course I never did watch Parks and Recreation. Love the name though and what it represents!

    • Alyssa Ruane

      Haha well that’s probably why then! 🙂

  • Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    OMG. I totally looked at my keyboard to see how close the V and the G were. Saw they were pretty close and was about to email you that there was a mistake! Wow. Ok, I think it’s an early bed night for me!

    With that said, thank you for sharing this with us! I had never heard of Galentine’s Day! It stinks that it’s on a Monday this year because I live out in timbuktu and my friends and I don’t work the same schedules. But, I may need to take a moment and look for that wine glass and mail them all one lol. Thanks for this post!

    • Alyssa Ruane

      LOL, well I appreciate the concern! You could always celebrate a little early the weekend beforehand. 😉 And you can buy that wine glass simply by clicking on it above! Thanks for reading!

  • Lindsey Paris

    hahahah I’d rather be hanging with my cat…… so I need that shirt with a little update! 🙂

    • Alyssa Ruane

      Hahaha I like your style, girl.

  • Debra

    I think is great! I love having a girls night out it’s nice to get out and chat.

    • Alyssa Ruane

      Same here! Sometimes you just need your girls.

  • Maureen – Scoops of Joy

    I haven’t heard of Galentine’s Day before but this sounds like a perfect time for my and my best friends to have fun together. The name is indeed very catchy, brilliant!

    • Alyssa Ruane

      It’s the perfect excuse for a girls night! Hope you get to celebrate 🙂

  • Brandi with Big Fit Fam

    I love this idea! My husband hates V-Day anyway so it’s the perfect time to hang out with the ladies i never get to see!

  • Tereza

    Haha your picks are brilliant! Especially the liquor glass from Nordstrom. Wish we had it here in the UK too! x

  • Lydia Monson

    I LOVE these ideas! I’m planning on having a galentines day on the 14th, these ideas are perfect!

  • Catherine

    I wish my BFF lived closer so we could celebrate Galentine’s Day together. We would definitely have pink wine in those cute glasses!

  • Rachel

    Haha. This was a fun post. I love hanging with my friends even on v-day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dee Dee

    What a great idea! I never heard of it before – but this girl is always looking for an excuse to have a little Girl/wine time ! Thanks for the idea!!

  • Nicola

    I love the idea of having a fake holiday to celebrate your special girl-friendships! And gifts too? Sounds perfect!!

  • michelle mink

    I didn’t realize that Galentines day was the day before Valentines. I think I’ll be hosting a Galentine’s event on the 11th because thats when most of my friends are free.

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    I only recently learned with galentines day was and I LOVE it. These are such great gift ideas, I need to get my gals some things!

  • Heather L.

    I had never heard of Galentines Day, but then again, I don’t watch Parks and Recreation. I love that shirt. I need to get one for my daughter.

  • Charlotte

    haha i love this! What an awesome idea, and let’s be honest, a lot of the guys would love to avoid the Valentines pressure!

  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    Whoa! I have never heard of Galentine’s Day, but now that you mentioned it, I can’t wait to have tea time or brunch with mah lady pals and catch up!

  • Krystel | Planning The Magic

    That meme summoned up everything perfectly. Some super great ideas. Wine, grapes, cheese and a romantic comedy.

  • Tara

    I love the idea of Galentine’s Day! This year that might be the way I celebrate. So much less pressure when you are with your gal friends.

  • Jalisa Harris

    I’m loving that stemless wine glass from Nordstrom. Yay to galentines. Brunch is really starting to become my favorite part of the day.

  • Chris

    This is hysterical!! What a great idea 🙂

  • Rachel

    This is such a cute idea! I wish this was a thing when I was single. I’ll have to tell single friends about this.

  • Kecia

    I actually haven’t heard about Galentine’s Day. I like the idea of it though! Maybe I can get a few gals together to celebrate it this year.

  • Courteney Noonan

    These are such cute ideas! I love having little date nights with all my girl friends. Also, love the baseball cap gift idea 🙂

  • HilLesha

    I honestly don’t really get into Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, in this case, but I do love some of these ideas! Especially the wine glass.

  • Rose Sahetapy

    I have no clue about at all about GALentines Day until I read this. I love the ideas though, especially Potluck Dessert. It’s not everyday we can treat ourselves with various delicious desserts.

  • Jennifer (JenuineMom)

    Oh! So that’s where the term Galentine’s Day comes from… and it’s on the 13th! I just learned something new. These are all great ideas of things to do with friends. If I were doing it, I’d go for your crafty idea — doing crafts with friends is fun!!

  • Amanda Love

    I miss spending time with my girlfriends! I think that’s what I’ve been needing lately. There’s nothing better than talking to them while enjoying some good food or watching a movie. These are all lovely gifts ideas!

  • Robin Rue

    These are all such great ideas. I love spoiling my gal pals on Valentine’s with a little something.

  • Krystle Cook

    I am loving these ideas. We normally don’t exchange gal Valentine’s gifts but I just may need to start.

  • Chelsea Damon

    Haha I love that adorable mask! Even being married I would love to go out for galentines day!

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    I love The idea of Galentine’s Day! Parks and Rec was amazing and these gifts are so cute!

  • Brittany

    OK how did I not know about this! I’m definitely going to do this before Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait to try some of your date ideas!

  • Tasha

    OMG! This is my first time hearing about Galentine’s Day! Time for me to round up the besties and plan something last minute!

  • Katriza

    Oh What?! How come I’ve never heard of this before? I could’ve been having two holidays every year?! I’m so missing out on LIFE! haha. I need to check with my ladies and get IN on this! I love these date ideas! They are simple and fun and I know my friends would love it!

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