Finally, Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Don’t Suck

Finding the best stocking stuffers can be hard. After so many years of people using stockings to sneak in some lame items just to make it look like they did extra, many of us have become blasé about the whole stocking stuffer thing. Honestly, how many times can someone dump out their brimming stocking, only to be bombarded with a disappointing slew of socks? (I am the exception. I actually like socks. Please don’t stop giving me socks.) Stockings have developed a stigma, and people are over it.

But what if I were to tell you that you can save stockings from their spiraling yuletide death? What if I were to tell you that there really are some awesome stocking stuffer ideas that don’t suck? Would you run away and call me Crazy Lady? Yes? That’s fine–it’s become a term of endearment for me at this point, so thank you! You’re so sweet!

We are in the modern age, folks, and that means nobody wants the outdated crap we used to receive in our stockings. (Again, except for me. I really want socks.) It’s time we bring the coolness back to stocking stuffers, and I’m here to help. You’ve already bought your people some of the best freakin’ gifts around, so now it’s time to get those stockings on par with the presents under the tree.


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These Are The Best Stocking Stuffers for 2016

best stocking stuffers 2016


Whether you’ve got a Ross Geller or an avid baker on your hands, these cookie cutters will have anyone roaring with excitement. (See what I did there? Did you get it? Roaring? Because dinosaurs?) Treat your recipient to a bite out of prehistoric times, and they’ll never forget who gives the best stocking stuffers ever. (You. I’m talking about you. Come on, stay with me!) Buy them here.





best stocking stuffers 2016



Got a longtime friend that could use a reminder of those fun (and weird) days at summer camp? These little friendship bracelets are the adult version of your camp crafts. Bedazzled with trendy little studs, these handwoven wrist decorators look great mixed in with other bracelets. Help your gal pal host an arm party, will ya? Snag a pair here.



CAT LADY CAR STICKERS, $9.99 FOR 19 STICKERSbest stocking stuffers 2016

Don’t act like you don’t know someone who fawns over all things feline. Maybe it’s your single sister who fully accepts her fate as a future cat lady, or maybe it’s your humanitarian aunt would can’t enough of her furry little friends. This gift is a little bit goofy but actually useful enough for the right recipient to really love. The fat cat sticker is especially great. Honk for kitties! Buy them here.





best stocking stuffers 2016TABLET OR IPAD SPEAKER AMPLIFIER,$7.99 TO $17.99

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t have an iPad or Tablet these days? Let’s be honest again. These devices don’t have nearly enough volume to fuel the soundtrack for a hangout or getting-ready sesh. The SoundBender solves that problem. This little piece of plastic attaches to your device to “bend” the sound, increasing the volume by 10 decibels. The version for iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Mini, Google Nexus, and the Galaxy Tab comes in red, black, and white. The original version for iPad 1, 2, 3, and 4 comes in red, black, green and white. It was featured on Shark Tank, and you can get it here.



SWEET (TEMPORARY) TATS, $19best stocking stuffers 2016 to $23

Commitment-phobes are going to fall in love with these trendy little skin accessories. Inkbox tattoos last for two weeks and look stunningly real, which are perfect if a friend is toying with the idea of getting a tattoo but is scared to go under the gun. The recipient can choose to stay forever ink-free and simply change up their body art every couple weeks. Buy these for your girlfriend with super-strict parents and watch them freak. Fun for all! Snag some here.




best stocking stuffers 2016ANYWHERE CONNECTIONS CARDS, $12.99

Having trouble finding a stocking stuffer for the new college grad? These handy little cards have connection-making activities printed on them, giving any shy person the material to strike up a conversation with a rando. Great for those trying to move up in the business world or just generally become a better member of society, use these cards in conjunction with my networking tips, and the world is your slimy oyster. Buy them here.





best stocking stuffers 2016


If you can’t find it in you to give up your tradition of stuffing socks into stockings, at least up your sock game and gift some that are actually cool. The folks over at Legends Socks partner up with local, young artists to produce unique socks that are true works of art. Featuring original photography and hand-drawn designs, these socks are ideal for the artistic streetwear lover (or the businessman who likes having fancy feet). Choose from AC/DC designs for the rocker dad or Hawaiian Aloha socks for the surfer bro always hanging loose. Buy them here.




best stocking stuffers 2016PUMPKIN ENZYME MASQUE, $35

Yes, this mask smells like cinnamon and pumpkin, but please don’t eat it. With Vitamin A, C, and Beta-Carotene, this pumpkin mask will help get rid of blemishes, replenish your skin, and make it brighter overall. Anyone whose face could use a refresher will love this mask. Oh, and it’s perfect for these winter months, combating dry skin with a vengeance. Boom.  Get it here.




best stocking stuffers 2016CONDITIONING LIP BALM, $12

Speaking of staying moisturized during these dreaded cold months, help your loved ones keep their puckers on point. Stick this healing lip balm into their stockings, and rest knowing you’ve done your good deed for the year (just in the nick of time). In this little lip balm, Love + Sage used shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E to help smooth your lips while packing a pleasant scent with the help of eucalyptus, sage, and spearmint. Buy it here.



And there you have it, friends. The best stocking stuffers for 2016. No need to thank me, just make sure I get some socks this year, please. My toes are so cold they might actually break off.

Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to stake out at the cheese table and indulge in one too many Crown-and-Cokes. Your family members won’t be upset at all. Oh, and if you missed my holiday gift guide, it’s not too late to grace your family and friends with those awesome presents. Get to it!

best stocking stuffers 2016



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  • Avatar
    Laura Strawn

    These are great ideas Lyss!!!!! ??

    • Avatar
      Alyssa Ruane

      Thank you!!?

  • Avatar
    Raquel Harbin

    Awesome ideas! I like socks too 🙂

    • Avatar
      Alyssa Ruane

      Haha, yes!! One of my kind. 🙂

  • Avatar

    Excellent stocking stuffer ideas! I just love those socks!

  • Avatar
    Aireona- Nightborn Travel

    We love some of these ideas. We have had alot of fun with temporary tattoos! And my husband loves the idea of giving cool socks. 😛 We might use some of these.

  • Avatar
    Amber Myers

    I love these! The cat lady stickers are my favorite.

  • Avatar

    great ideas to go with. cool of you to have shared this aswell.

  • Avatar

    This is hilarious CAT LADY CAR STICKERS!!! My kids always say my stuffers suck I might do all right using your list:)

  • Avatar

    These are great and perfect for a budget types! Thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar
    Heather Denniston

    Totally cool list. I have been trying to get a cool speaker for my IPAD so this is just the thing and I am a sucker for a good facial mask!

  • Avatar

    Okay those cat lady stickers are so cute and funny! I really like those! I like the friendship bracelets. I think it’s a fun gift for a stocking stuffer. I may have to do this for my teen daughter. She loves bracelets and will find it retro. Lol

  • Avatar

    Love these! Very unique! My favorite is the dinosaur cookie cutters. I love baking, these would be a perfect treat for my toddler.

  • Avatar
    Anna nuttall

    Those are cool ideas, I’d buy the socks for my husband the lip balm for myself. xx

  • Avatar
    Michelle Agnone

    I love all of these ideas. My favorite is the anywhere connection cards, what a fun gift! I also love the socks that don’t match, I’ve been doing that for years, no one sees them anyway, why do they need to match? 🙂

  • Avatar

    These are nice choices. That pumpkin enzyme mask sounds especially great.

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