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One of the latest crazes in the culinary space has eaters in a flurry. Almost everyone loves pasta, but what happens when you pour black squid ink all over it? Seriously. Squid ink pasta dishes are a thing, and they need to be on your Grub Lysst if you consider yourself a foodie of any sort.

The Obvious Allure of Black Squid Ink Pasta

It’s dark. It’s mysterious. It’s pasta.

In an increasingly more digital world, it’s no wonder humans are drawn to the most Instagram-worthy dishes when dining out. What’s a meal if you can’t ‘gram it, right? We totally get it. (Duh, have you seen our Instagram?) But besides its obvious allure, black squid ink pasta dishes also intrigue the taste buds. Because squid ink is from the sea, it lends a light seafood flavor to the pasta dishes without coming on too strong. Thus, it’s no surprise that most squid ink pasta plates also feature shrimp or another protein from the ocean.

To create squid ink pasta, the ink is mixed into the pasta dough during the preparation process. If you like to make homemade pasta, you could definitely do this at home. Of course, such items are often best prepared by professionals, especially if you’ve never even had squid ink pasta before.

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Feast on these sexy squid ink pasta dishes in across North America if you’re not afraid of a little darkness when you dine.

5 Squid Ink Pasta Dishes You Need in Your Mouth

Find these dark and delicious seafood dishes all across the continent in some of your favorite foodie destinations—from Charlotte to Canada to the California coast. Check out the video below.