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If you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen, right? That used to be the case. But now, you can Instagram something even if it didn’t happen. It’s not uncommon to get serious #FOMO while sifting through wanderlust travel Instagram accounts. However, that’s with the assumption that the travels and adventures pictured actually did happen. If you knew someone was faking their extravagant vacation, you might be pretty pissed, right? That’s why we’re getting the word out about a new app that could make it easy for fakers to dupe their travels on Instagram.

The Fake Travel Instagram App to Look Out For

Smartphone app Krome Studio gives the average user access to a professional graphic designer for a small fee. What this means is the designer can take out unwanted items (such as big tourist crowds), merge all the images from an exhaustive photo shoot to fabricate the perfect shot, smooth lines, and edit all kinds of other things. The feature we’re most wary of is the ability for the user to choose from a variety of backgrounds, which include city scenes and other lust-worthy locales. So, you can essentially drop yourself anywhere in the world without ever buying a plane ticket. Check out these before-and-after images courtesy of Krome.

travel instagram
travel instagram

As you can see, it’s pretty simple for you to swap out your ~totally lame~ family in favor of the Eiffel Tower in your selfies.  

Why Fake Travel on Instagram is Dangerous

Though we usually support technology and creative work, it’s hard to support something that’s disingenuous by nature. Krome providing these backdrops enables users to start skewing the lines between reality and fantasy. Have you ever seen Ingrid Goes West? Social media can get spooky when it’s taken too seriously. You could say the same about Photoshop or any photo editing software. However, a limited amount of people know how to use Photoshop, thus lessening its negative impact. This app will give cheap, professional editing power to Regular Joes, which can be used for good purposes but also bad. The bad part, in case you haven’t read any of this post, is the fact that you can fake something so huge so easily. It’s not removing a blemish—it’s distorting your life. And some people might get carried away with the feature. The Lysst is all about authenticity, and we don’t support putting out imagery that pretends to be something it’s not. If you want to disclose that you faked it with the app, that’s one thing. But if you’re perpetuating the idea that everyone’s lives are perfect on Instagram (plus the depression it causes), you may want to rethink the reason you’re doing it in the first place.  

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