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Traveling foodies, unite! If you’re known to scope out the newest “food city” to satiate your appetite for diverse eats, this Grub Lysst is for you. Based on brand-new data from Apartment Guide, we have your updated hit-list for the best food cities in the US that are serving diverse cuisines.

If you like eating outside the box, you know how tough it can be to find new foodie destinations. As your palate expands to try new cuisines, suddenly, boring ‘ol American dishes just won’t do it. At least, not when you’ve got a hankering for something unique.

As you plan your next food-inspired trip, start with your food city as the destination and work out the details later. Bold flavors abound in the below US food cities, yet they may not seem like obvious choices at first. That’s because this data took an interesting approach to find the best food cities in the US for adventurous eaters. We all know New York is a hub for adventurous cuisine, but what sets this study apart is the fact that it looks at the number of diverse dining establishments per resident. We like to think this levels the playing field (and the wait times) a bit.

The data looks at how many restaurants there are in each city in the following categories: Vietnamese, Latin American, Cajun/Creole, International, Middle Eastern, South American, Caribbean, and African. These categories are based on how the restaurants market themselves. Thus, Apartment Guide tells us that “International” is a catch-all category for the restaurants that feel they offer a wider range of international fare versus one specific specialty.

Are you ready to bite into something new and unusual? Cool, because we happen to be starving. We highlighted some of the most interesting findings, but to see Apartment Guide’s full report, head here.


The 10 Best Food Cities in the US for International Cuisine