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If you’re looking to travel internationally to places such as Spain or Italy, you may have comes across cheap flight tickets on CheapOair.com. Like most travelers, you may be wondering: Is CheapOair legit?

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The internet has enabled a lot of online scammers to pose as real entities, so it’s important to be wary when entering your credit card information on a new site. What many consumers have learned is that if it’s cheap, it might not be safe or good quality!

Thus, because of its name, CheapOair might give American travelers a red flag warning when booking online. The site is consistently running flight deals—some that truly seem too good to be true.

But don’t fear CheapOair. We’re here to dive into all the details of booking through this website so you can travel worry-free and with as much budget for adventure as possible.


Is CheapOair legitimate?

Let’s get right to it—is CheapOair legit? 🤔 The short answer is yes. CheapOair is basically an online travel agency that specializes in getting cheap flights and last-minute flight deals for travelers all over the world. So, basically, CheapOair isn’t an actual airline—it’s a travel agency that hooks you up with great deals on flights, hotels, and rentals.

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How cheap are the flights?

Fortunately for budget-conscious travelers, CheapOair lives up to its name. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon roundtrip fares that are half the regular ticket price, if not less.

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How can flights be so cheap?

Fellow skeptics probably want to know how CheapOair manages to offer such cheap flights compared to competitors. The company says they bridge the gap between an online travel agency and a traditional agency—certified travel agents are available 24/7 to help find these amazing deals. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working, and we’re happy about it.

What to know when booking with CheapOair

If you purchased a flight, hotel, or rental car through CheapOair, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Because this website simply acts as the middle-man, you need to double-check all the actual airlines you’re riding with. We also highly recommend you see what their baggage fees are, as well as size requirements. Smaller airlines and international airlines can have varying requirements compared to the domestic carriers Americans might be accustomed to. Especially if you’re traveling on a budget, you don’t want to get hit with unexpected costs en route to your vacation!

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