Monday Blues?

It’s Monday, which means there’s probably not enough coffee in the universe to make today bearable.

O.K., maybe that was a little dramatic (or a lot dramatic). But Mondays are pretty rough, am I right?
Luckily, I think most people are in the same boat on Mondays. The tired boat. The unmotivated boat. The I-just-want-to-stay-in-bed-forever boat.

So we’re all in this Monday thing together. With that being said, sometimes it can help to express your mood through your outfit choice. Maybe you want to send off a “don’t speak to me” vibe. I can help with that.

Here’s a set I put together inspired by today:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.40.01 AM

Note the cozy, laid back cardigan for impromptu naps. Combat boots to stomp around in. Grungy, distressed high-waisted shorts. A pop of color for the middle finger you will restrain from using. Note the sass.

I’m a huge fan of quirky, snarky and ironic in all aspects of life. And Mondays are the perfect opportunity to wear these qualities on my sleeve quite literally. Long live great casual style.IMG_0138

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