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Photo by Arash Asghari


You’re a human who craves an Instagram-worthy life ripe with extraordinary eats, drinks, and experiences. You work hard for your money, and you want to spend it on the things that make you happy—the moments that resonate long after the physical things are gone. An overflowing plate of cheesy fries is only as good as your view and the company you’re sharing it with, right? So, yeah, that’s where we come in.


We are curious adventurers, excited eaters, smart-mouthed drinkers, and spirited doers all rolled up into one quirky multimedia brand. We live to broaden our tastes and our worldviews through a realistic and humorous lens—because taking life too seriously is a horrible, horrible idea (in our humble, humble opinion). 

The Lysst exists because we have a feeling you might be just as hungry for life as we are. Also, YOLO. Want to see, eat, and do the best there is on this planet? Put it on The Lysst.




We were born out of a creator’s vision. Thus, we’re very passionate about supporting fellow creatives and giving their work a place to shine. If you would like to contribute photography of your travels or write for us, please email editor@thelysst.com with the details and some examples of your work. (Please do not submit pre-written articles.) We will do our best to get back to you within a 48-hour window.


For partnership, sponsorship, and advertising inquiries, please email partners@thelysst.com to learn about your many options for interacting with our awesome audience. Whether on social media, on TheLysst.com, or maybe by way of some fun event… we can brainstorm a myriad of creative ways to showcase your brand. Just email us today and we’ll collaborate to think up the perfect partnership.

Don’t forget to follow us on your mobile devices! We’re always posting eats and experiences on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Join the fun and hang out with us… Maybe we’ll even share our nachos. Hey! Watch those grubby fingers. We said maybe.