cozy and stylish living room

Cozy & Stylish Living Room: How to Find the Perfect Balance

As an interior design writer during my day-afternoon-midnight-whenever job, I spend a lot of time researching current design trends and exploring ways for normal people to incorporate them into their own homes. I interview plenty of local interior designers–all of whom have their own unique styles they infuse into clients’ homes. However, there are always main takeaways that seem to be common amongst the designers… Certain “rules” so to speak about interior design and home styling. And that’s how I collect and curate the advice I give to the readers… including myself. One of the most important things when styling a home is to make it just as homey as it is beautiful, which means you should really try to focus on creating a cozy and stylish living room that is inviting.

See, I love a beautiful don’t-touch-me minimalist room that looks perfect in a catalog or on a Pinterest photo. But what I don’t love about those rooms is the fact that you feel like any little thing can ruin it. I don’t want to feel like I’m walking on eggshells in my own home (especially while I’m teetering a too-full glass of cab sav in my wildly weak left hand), and I definitely don’t want my guests feeling like that either. I want it to be a welcoming space that is multi-functional. In order to create such an environment, what I’ve learned is that you should work on balancing beautiful elements with comfortable furniture. Trust me, it’s possible! Here are some of the ways you can create a cozy and stylish living room, featuring my very own abode.



Soft Surfaces

cozy stylish living room
Mmm, just look at all that touchable softness… besides the cactus in the window. Don’t touch that.

To make a house a home, you need the comfort level of your favorite spot in mom’s living room. You know the spot. And one of the ways to bring undeniable comfort into your house is to provide a plethora of super soft materials. I’m talking velvet, fuzz, fur–anything that makes someone say, “Ooooh, that’s so soft!” Because it is soft. And softness makes just about anyone ready to cuddle up for a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills guilty-pleasure-marathon. Well, except for my one friend who is completely skeeved out by velvet. (You know who you are.)


Trendy Accents

cozy stylish living room
Throw pillows come and go, but sofas stay forever. (Kinda.)

The world of trends can be intoxicating. You see a stunning home in your favorite design publication and drool on the pages just thinking about how chic your home would be if only you could buy that trendy new sofa everyone has. Well, wipe the drool off the page, because here’s the reality. Trends come and go. The word is synonymous with “fad,” aka it is a passing fling. Don’t splurge on trendy items. Instead, get little accents from the trend of your choice to place around the home. It’ll instantly feel chic and Instagram-worthy, yet you won’t feel buyer’s remorse when it’s time to trade them in for the next newest things.



Timeless Staples

cozy stylish living room
I use my coffee table for weighted step-ups. Seriously. Iron and wood. The thing is sturdy.

Is your money just dying to be blown on something? Great. Blow it on a timeless, well-made entertainment system. Or one-of-a-kind barstools. The living area of your home is usually the most lived-in area (duh.), so you will definitely need some pieces that were built to last. Something like a stunning, sturdy wooden TV stand can last you ages, and it never goes out of style. Traditional design also gives your space an inviting feel, juxtaposing any cold contemporary elements you choose to mix in.


Ta-da! The finished product.

horizWhen it comes to creating a cozy and stylish living room, remember to balance both trendy elements and liveable features. No one likes a couch that’s harder than freezer-burned ice cream, and make sure you’ve got some touchable texture that’s so soft it makes people want to rub their faces on your furniture (though let’s pray they don’t, ew). It’s all about balance, folks.

cozy stylish living room

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  • Desiree

    This is a great post! Makes me want to redecorate my apartment!
    Thanks for sharing!


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