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Exercise at Home: 7 Workouts to Get Your Summer Body (Instructional GIFs)

Going to the gym is great, but there’s no reason you can’t get a great exercise at home. If you want to exercise at home, our resident trainer has developed an effective workout circuit that you can do pretty much in front of the TV! No need to leave the comforts of Netflix with these small-space exercises you can do at home.

Exercise at Home: 7 Workouts You Can Do While Watching TV

Ready to see what your at-home workout plan is going to look like? All you need to do these exercises at home is a workout or yoga mat! You don’t even need dumbells for these at-home workouts.

Do this circuit three times, and let us know if you aren’t sore the next day—we will fix that. Here are seven effective exercises you can do at home that will get you the summer body you wanted before summer started (it’s OK, we all “forget” to workout sometimes). Exercise at home with these leg workout, ab workout, and arm workout moves, and feel free to tag us in any progress pics you post!


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exercise at home


Jumping Jack to Squat Jack

Reps: 25

Start with jumping jacks. As you count up, slowly lower into a squat stance the higher the number gets, still doing jumping jacks. Do this until you get to 25.


Plank Taps

Reps: 15 each arm

In a plank position, keep your feet about hip-width apart. Lift one hand to tap to opposite shoulder while holding yourself in the plank position. Lower hand to mat and switch. Tap your opposite shoulder with the other hand. Continue switching back and forth for 15 each of each arm, focusing on keeping your hip bones square to the floor.


Sumo Plie Squat Pulses

Reps:  15 pulses 3x

In a sumo squat stance, pop up one heel and do 15 pulses down, then lower that heel. Lift the other heel and do 15 pulses down. If balance allows, lift both heels and pulse 15 times—keep your booty tucked under, engaging the core the entire time. You are more in a “2nd position plie” than a sumo squat stance.


Glute Bridge March

Reps: 15 each leg

Laying on your back with knees bent and your feet hip-width apart, draw your belly button to your spine and push your hips up while squeezing your glutes. Keeping your knee bent, draw up one leg, place it back, and then pick the other one up in a “march”-like fashion.


Couch Push-Outs (or railing, stairs, etc.)

Reps: 25

In a push-up position against a couch, counter, stairs, railing, etc., bend your elbows. Then push off of the object. Land back in the push-up position and push off again for 25 times.



Like a harder version of the burpee. Start in a plank and jump your legs in—that’s the “boom.” To “pow,” pop up into a squat stance. Then pop back into your plank. That’s one rep, then it’s back to “boom.”


Crossbody Core

Reps: 10-15 each side

Lay in an X on the floor. Draw up your leg and opposite arm. With your hand, touch either the outside of your calf or your toes. Slowly lower back down, and then repeat on the other side. Start with 10 on each side and move up to 15 if you can. Make sure you keep your body in the “X”—your feet will want to migrate in.


Do you think you can handle these? Don’t forget to complete this circuit three times for a full at-home workout! Let us know how they go. You can tag us on Instagram at @thelysstagram or use #TheFitLysst in your photos and we’ll find you! In the meantime, why not pair a delicious semi-healthy meal with that workout? Our Honey Sriracha Chicken recipe and recipe video are a tasty place to start.

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