fall floral fashion

Fall Floral Fashion Preview

A lot of times we think that florals should only be associated with spring months. But if this year’s runways are any indicator of what we should be wearing for fall (which, yes, they are), then romantic blooms should be at the top of your fall shopping list. Yep, that’s right: there’s such a thing as fall floral fashion.

Personally, I love the look of a red rose juxtaposed with a cool black background–it’s just so romantic and timeless! So I’ve been holding out and searching for a long dress with that type of floral print.

Until I find my perfect fall floral piece, though, I’ll be wearing the below MINKPINK gem I came across in my closet yesterday. I hadn’t worn it since at least a year ago, and I’ve had it since about 2012 when I wore it to death. (I have a tendency to do that to everything I love. Overdose on it until I hate it for about a year.) T-shirt dresses are my favorites, and I enjoyed getting some face-time in this number yesterday.

Here are some throwback pictures from how I styled it for Valentine’s Day in 2015 when I was living in Miami. I went for grungy details to offset the obvious romanticism of the rose print. Plus, it was a lovey-dovey day and I was hella single. So, you know, rebellion.

It was the coldest day I had experienced in Miami–a good 63-ish degrees. I know, Florida is basically the arctic. I can barely believe I’m surviving in North Carolina these days.

Oh, and my hair was uber long back then.

I’ll keep you guys posted when I finally get my fall floral dress I’ve been wanting! Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. But who knows–I’m pretty picky.

What do you all think about wearing florals for fall? Yay or nay?

fall floral fashion

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