Funny Tumblr Finds: Celebrity Edition

Celebrities are great, aren’t they? They wear ironic clothing that looks dingy even for a homeless person yet is too costly for the average B-Lister. They do things that we can all judge without the slightest bit of remorse, because hey, they asked for it, right? Because if you’re going to be in the public eye, it’s my right to judge you mercilessly.

My version of judging is much more innocently stemmed than the public shamers out in cyber world. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just want to be reminded that celebrities were once the directionless morons we all are; the only difference is they found someone to pay them to be those directionless morons. With that said, I’m still waiting for my big break. (Anytime now, talent scouts. My forehead isn’t getting any less wrinkled.)

Today we’re looking at what the wide world of Tumblr has to offer us in the celebrity realm. I like finding obscure and usually not-that-funny things that are so unfunny that they actually make you snicker. Some call me crazy, I call me different. So without further ado, here are some results of Tumblr-trekking that will hopefully remind you that you’re basically a celebrity.


1. Lady Gaga loving apples and tea on her bday

2. Hilary Duff petting your dad

3. Cara Delevigne without eyebrows

4. Jennifer Lawrence X Taylor Swift

5. Basically all the face swaps on this account

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