funny videos


So, you want to see some funny videos? cool, cool.

They’re not too long; they’re The Lysst’s video shorts. If you’re a fan of funny videos, you’re going to like what we’ve got going on. Our small staff is creating funny video shorts about all the things you just need to see in order to appreciate. What’s a video short, you ask? Think of them as quirky little skits. So far, they’ve all been about 90% improvised, which is certainly part of the fun (we hope for you too).

To learn how to do everything from gardening to cooking, see The Lysst’s founder, Alyssa, in action. What’s in it for you? Well, in these riveting YouTube video series, you’ll get at least a few hot-hot life tips from Lyss. Not only will you see her pull off some sweet bike moves, but you’ll also get life tips that are actually useful, like our recipe videos. We like to think it has a similar charm to The Office, but we all know we’re biased in this situation.




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