how to wear 90s grunge

How to Wear ’90s Grunge Without Looking Like a Hanson Brother

Long live the ’90s! We millennials are stoked that the ’90s are back in style, but everyone else is pretty much disgusted with us because everyone hates millennials. I don’t mind the hate. I embrace it. The key is to thrive off of any energy thrown at you–no matter if it’s positive or negative. You’ve got to have a good sense of humor or else your only conversations with people will consist of them telling you to take the prickly twig out of your you-know-what. So while people are shaking their heads at “those damn millennials,” I like to take a look up from my iPhone screen, smile, then look back down and tweet something ingenious.

how to wear 90s grunge

Because the types of people who hate millennials aren’t on Twitter. Those types of people are too busy sharing wildly false articles on Facebook with commentary like, “OMG @ Debbie Can You Believe This?!?1!>.??..,??”

The truth is, the ’90s were awesome. Maybe it’s just the human way of romanticizing the past, but hey, let us ’90s babies have our moment. A lot of us were a tad too young to fully appreciate ’90s fashion when it was happening in real-time, so we’re making sure we get our five Lisa Frank binders-worth this time around. What’s that? Do I hear my long-lost Furby crying in the drawer I stuffed it in 14 years ago? Come out, little Furbs. We’re reliving the ’90s, and I have a new home to throw you in. We folks from the future call it Trashly Cann.

When it comes to redoing ’90s fashion in the 2010s, there’s a fine line between looking too ’90s. Many people have embraced everything from the denim-clad decade, like the mauve lip color and unflattering hues. I hope no one brings back JNCO jeans, but at this rate, no one can be quite certain. People are lunatics. I, however, consider myself a contained lunatic, and I don’t like to overdo a trend. Being too trendy just says you have no personal style. So I like to mix in modern elements with my throwback threads.


Flannel and Booties

how to wear 90s grunge

(To Buy: 1. I have this flannel in a different color, 2. Similar booties but cuter than mine.)

I just got this flannel shirt on sale at Nordstrom. I may or may not have gone shopping because I’m too lazy to dig through the piles of laundry scattered throughout my apartment, but this isn’t about me and my apartment. Stay focused! This olive and navy flannel is very Hanson brother-esque, and ever since I’ve started growing my natural blonde hair color back in (and even got low-lights! Gasp!), I’ve kinda felt like one of the Hansons. I don’t hate it. I remember watching one of their music videos on MTV as a little girl (you know, when they used to show music) and thinking their name was Handsome. With their dreamy long, greasy blonde locks, it was a no-brainer to me that they’d be called Handsome. I distinctly remember gushing as to my mom, “Oh yeah. They ARE handsome!” And she sighed, trying to keep the laughter in, “No, honey. They’re called Hanson.” I was like 6 years old and a total idiot. So it goes.

The point is, with my Hanson flannel, I didn’t want to come across as too girl-trying-to-fit-in-with-the-boys. So I paired some of my favorite neutral booties with it to prove that, yes, I’m a girl! I would’ve added a necklace too but didn’t have much time to put this outfit together. That’s the best thing about a flannel shirt, though. I can throw it on over pretty much anything and it adds a whole new vibe to my outfit. Pretending to be put-together is my favorite pastime.


Snarky T-Shirt

how to wear 90s grunge

(To Buy: Band tees are super in right now and this one is awesome.)

Underneath my flannel is a dark gray shirt. It’s actually a tank dress I got on sale at Urban Outfitters over a year ago, but it’s since shrunk. I can still wear it as a dress if I want to make instant new friends. In case you all haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of snark. So when I see those cliche sayings plastered all over clothing and Etsy shop wall hangings, I have to tape my eyelids shut to keep people from noticing my violent eye rolls. Needless to say, when I saw this “dress,” I knew I had to splurge the $14 on it. It says:


The phrase appears next to every single horoscope symbol. FYI: I’m an Aries. Surprised? Me neither. Anyway, nobody has ever commented on what my shirt says. Just goes to show that no one reads your shirts. Important takeaway to note for people who care too much (talking to myself here).


Colored Pants

how to wear 90s grunge

(To Buy: You will definitely out-cool me in these burgundy pants.)

Lastly, I wore my trusty maroon pants to add an autumnal pop to the color scheme. Everything else I was wearing was super grungy, so I needed to break it up a bit. After all, I’m not as angsty as I once was in my teenage years. These dark wine-colored skinny jeans are great mostly because they are reinforced with tons of stretch. Whoever buys pants without stretch these days must be either extremely thin or just plain out-of-touch. I’d call these pants jeggings, but they look fancy so I’m gonna lie and call them Real Pants.

Adding colored pants are key if you’re wondering how to wear ’90s grunge. They bring the outfit into this decade just a tad. After all, you don’t want to be the girl still wearing glittery LipSmackers. Some things just need to be left in the ’90s.

As for all the millennial haters, I leave you with some totally millennial and downright weird images. Enjoy!

how to wear 90s grungehow to wear 90s grungehow to wear 90s grunge how to wear 90s grunge

how to wear 90s grunge




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  • Tiffany Khyla

    One thing I enjoy about living in Louisiana is all the flannel. I’m such a huge Supernatural fan, and those boys are always wearing flannel in that TV show. Also, booties are everything. I love the 90’s look. I actually went to the I Love the 90’s tour last weekend and had a blast going through my closet to create a 90’s look, flannel included.

  • Rubi

    I have pants in that exact same color, which I love, but I can never figure out what to pair them with. Gonna have to give this combination a try!!

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