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10 Words To Add To Your Vocabulary This Week

It’s never too late to spice up your speech. Sometimes I’ll be reading an article or–if I’m really feeling crazy–a book, and I’ll notice a rogue word I haven’t seen or heard of before. I can figure out the meaning thanks to context, but I still look up the word anyway so I can start learning the exact definition.

Maybe I’m a rare breed, but I hate not knowing things. Perhaps it’s because “knowledge is power” or simply because I feel like there’s no reason I shouldn’t know things. With the Internet, we have no excuses as to why we’re not better educated. You no longer have to go to college to get your hands on some educational resources, though it does help to have them forced upon you when all you want to do is play beer pong in your crush’s dorm room. Hrm, I’m getting off-topic. Let’s circle back.

Ah, yes, learning and knowing things. We should do more of that.

Because, quite honestly, I shouldn’t even be using the word “things.” There is always a more accurate and eloquent way to describe the “thing” you’re talking about, so saying “things” is really just lazy. With that being said, I’m feeling irreparably lazy today and just had to start typing random things in order to get out of my blogger’s block, so just let me, OK?

Anyway, I brought you to my blog today because it’s time to get you learning some new words. I’m like the coolest teacher you never had, right? Like you’d buy me cute teacher gifts for Christmas? Yeah, I figured. But let’s remember: you guys are the ones that make it worth it! I’m the lucky one! Oh, stop, stop. I can’t handle all the flattery. OK, just one more compliment. Enough, that’s enough! OK, one more.

ENOUGH. It’s time to get to work. Sheesh.


10 Impressive Words to Add to Your Vocab

You are going to annoy the crap out of the people you hate when you argue with political Facebook comments peppered with these juicy little word nuggets. Speaking of nuggets, anyone else have a hankering for a few crispy nugs?



(adj.) Having a harmful effect, usually in a gradual or subtle way

The stray dog is a pernicious addition to our children’s playground.



(adj.) Significantly noticeable and important.

We’ve awarded Alyssa for her salient comic genius that more people should appreciate.



(n.) The lowest point of a person’s or organization’s fortunes. Rock-bottom.

I thought getting hit in the face with a peanut was bad, but the nadir came when I fell into a manhole and wasn’t found for six days.



(n.) A very small amount of something, especially something of value

I have a modicum of cash, but I’m heading to the casino anyway because that blackjack table isn’t going to run itself!



(n.) With brisk and cheerful eagerness

I asked my boyfriend to buy me a Bentley, and he did so with alacrity.



(adj.) Abrupt or blunt in speech or manner

Nobody likes Judy because she’s brusque and brings out a lot of their insecurities.



(v.) To voice disapproval or scold

Ben chided his wife for sleeping with the Rabbi, and she didn’t even care.



(adj.) Secretive, mostly because of guilt or discovery would lead to trouble

Susie’s furtive hiding spot was no match for the drug dogs.



(adj.) Lazy

Alyssa is especially indolent today, but we love her anyway.



(v.) To praise enthusiastically

Though Alyssa was lazy, her readers extolled her for the wonderful list of new vocabulary words they couldn’t wait to try!


Try to focus on one word a day, making a point to use it in conversation at least twice (with different people, otherwise you’ll seem like a show-off). Soon enough, you’ll get comfortable enough with these words that you won’t even think twice!


Are there any words on this list you already regularly use? If you like learning new, useful crap like this, join The Short Lysst. You’ll get interesting, funny, and useful tidbits delivered to your inbox every Friday at lunchtime.

impressive vocab words

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    Erika Palmer

    What a poignant article! The Short Lysst should include a word of the week so I can chide my friends when they use words like “great.”

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      Alyssa Ruane

      I think you’re onto something! 😉

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