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10 More Impressive Words To Use

We’re back at it again with the impressive vocabulary words. The truth is, you can never have enough impressive words to use because there are endless opportunities for you to be the smartest person in the room (or at least seem like it). With that being said, I’m here to give you a dosage of smart things to say in a variety of conversations.

Yes, I’m going to give you words that actually have a place in everyday conversation. Because it’s just plain dumb to know a bunch of words that literally never apply in real-life. And we are smart people. No dumb stuff allowed. Got it? Good!

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10 Impressive Vocabulary Words to Use in Everyday Conversation

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impressive vocabulary words


1. Acumen

(n.) The ability to make good, fast decisions in a certain area of expertise

Thankfully my brain surgeon has the acumen, otherwise I’d probably be dead.


2. Cavort

(v.) To play boisterously

That kid is cavorting all over this fine Italian restaurant. Someone put a leash on him! 


3. Toady

(n.) A brown-noser clinging to people of power for his or her own gain

Martha is such a toady; she gave our boss a fruit basket just because it’s Tuesday.


4. Recalcitrant

(adj.) Describing someone who is reluctant or stubborn to authority or control

I can’t help that I’m recalcitrant. I just don’t like being told what to do.


5. Proclivity

(n.) A natural inclination towards something

He has a proclivity for lying about food. Like, we know he ate that brownie.


6. Munificent

(adj.) Extremely generous

He gave me a diamond necklace and a new Ferrari; he’s so munificent!


7. Laconic

(adj.) Brief or concise, usually used to describe an amount of words

Editors are known to make prose more laconic for the sake of the reader.


8. Duplicity

(n.) Deceitfulness

Though he said he didn’t know what happened to the brownies, his duplicity was obvious due to the brown smudges on his mouth.


9. Fatuous

(adj.) Without intelligence; stupid

Calling every media outlet “fake news” is quite fatuous, don’t you think?


10. Penurious

(adj.) Being broke or excessively unwilling to spend money

Writing isn’t a career for the money-hungry, which is why I’m penurious on some days.


Did you already know any of these? Which one of these impressive words is going to be a new addition to your vocabulary? I know I’m going to be slyly calling people stupid with “fatuous,” but that’s just me. Don’t forget to read up on the other impressive vocab words we went over a little while ago! You can also get this impressive vocabulary wordsMerriam-Webster vocabulary builder book.


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    Kathleen White

    Very entertaining & informative!

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