leather skirt outfit

A Fun Leather Skirt Outfit + The Bomber Jacket That Saved Me $100

Fashion is what designers create and throw onto lanky runway models. Style is what you make of it. Time and time again, I see so many women (and men) taking hold of trends and wearing them all to death. There is no special style sprinkled in. All I see is trend-on-trend-on-trend. Sure, it makes for a “cool” look, but it doesn’t tell me anything about who you are. Having personal style is like telling people who you are without ever having to open your mouth and talk about yourself.

Although I do enjoy talking about myself, I also like when my clothes do the talking for me. I’ve never been one to dress plainly. I always like to appear put-together, no matter if I’m wearing leggings or a brand new dress. I’ve had people describe my style as “classy,” and I’m happy with that. I don’t like showing too much skin. I’m very wary of being tasteful and not tacky.

Sometimes I can come off pretty preppy. It really just depends on the day. One day I’ll feel grungy, and another day I want to exude academic aesthetic. Last week, I was all about the smart look.


A Fun Leather Skirt Outfit

leather skirt outfit leather skirt outfit

leather skirt outfit


I initially put on this leather mini skirt with the black shirt and wanted to keep it at that, because the white collar on the shirt has some embellishment that I felt contrasted with the edginess really nicely. But it’s been getting pretty chilly here in Charlotte (my Floridian blood is still not adjusted!), and I needed a jacket.

So I threw on my vintage-printed bomber. I’ve been getting so many compliments on this jacket! I snagged it at Target. The printed fabric was on the inside when I saw it, with the outside a plain black. I, of course, wanted the printed side. So I bought it and carefully unsewed the tags on the inside–voila, it’s now reversible!


The Bomber Jacket That Saved Me $100

leather skirt outfit leather skirt outfit

leather skirt outfit

This bomber jacket actually saved me about $100. I was wearing it on a recent flight home from Las Vegas, and I was flying on one of those budget airlines that nickel and dime you for everything like carry-ons, seat choices, etc. Well, I was about to check my carry-on (checking it was actually cheaper than paying for it as a carry-on), and the fee was $50. The girl at the desk checking bags first complimented my jacket. I told her it was a steal at Target and, naturally, we hit it off. She then basically told me I didn’t need to check my carry-on since it was only about 13 pounds.

My sister-in-law and I exchanged glances with one another. Could this girl be serious?

The airport employee told me to pretend that my carry-on was part of my personal item (my backpack). She was like, “Nah, I don’t think it should be a problem. Just hold them next to each other; they probably won’t notice. It’ll be fine. Fifty dollars is a lot for that little bag!”

“Right?! That’s what I’m sayin’!”

“Just go ahead girl. You got this.”

I felt like I was in on a super awesome airport employee secret. It worked liked a charm on both connecting flights that would’ve charged me $50 for my bag, so whoever thinks fashion isn’t powerful is very mistaken! I totally accredit my jacket to that sweet save. Of course, maybe the fact that I have a really friendly-looking face also helped with the exchange of information.

Something about my facial features screams “I look fourteen! I’m totally innocent! I want to be your friend!” so people are very comfortable chatting it up with me. It is a blessing and a curse. I did meet very many lovely people on my lone travels to and from Vegas, though, so it was a blessing this time around. It’s usually a curse when I’m hungover, working, or have a migraine, which can sometimes happen all at once, ha!

Anyway, the main takeaway here is that my jacket connected me and the employee instantly like we were trading secrets to help a sista out. That’s the kind of world I want to live in. One with free carry-on bags and cheap, quirky clothes.

Has a piece of clothing ever made you a new friend or gotten you some kind of perk? I think it’s so cool when something as simple as a jacket can completely change the way your day is going.

leather skirt outfit

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  • Natalie

    I love your leather skirt outfit with that shirt!! So edgy and cute xx Where did you get them from? 😀

    • Alyssa Ruane

      Thanks love! The skirt is Forever 21 and the shirt is an old H&M purchase! Definitely a cheap outfit!

  • Janel

    Kindness literally goes a long way, how awesome to not get charged. I love your outfit, lately I seem to be hitting the LuLaRoe trend myself.

    • Alyssa Ruane

      I love the LulaRoe style! And yes, it was seriously an awesome moment. 🙂

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