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Here’s where our community-submitted travel logs live. If you’re looking for real flight prices, trip ideas, and honest travel tips, you’ve come to the right place. Get fellow travelers’ tips from the recent vacations they’ve taken with The Lysst’s Travel Logs. Or, submit your own!

Honest Tips for All Kinds of Trips

Our community is everywhere. We’re eating, drinking, and having fun everywhere we can. For some insight on upcoming adventures, read accurate travel logs detailing real prices, experiences, and tips from all kinds of travelers. The one thing they’ve all got in common? At one point, they put these destinations on their lyssts. Which of these adventures are going on your Wander Lysst next?


Submit Your Accurate Travel Log

If you want to reach out a hand to your fellow travelers, you can submit your own recent trip details. These user-submitted travel logs are meant to help others researching upcoming trips. To ensure these travel logs work, we have to go over a couple housekeeping items first.


The Fine Print

Is it really “fine print” if the text is the same size? Anyway, here are the “rules” for submitting travel logs. In order for your travel log to be published, you enter all of the details below into the form. Submissions without complete information will not be accepted.

Please do your best to provide the most accurate information you can so that we can curate a helpful, timely list of travel logs.

Please note that your submission will be edited before publication, and The Lysst deserves the right not to publish any submission for any reason. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not submit your travel log.

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