Watermelon Caprese Summer Salad Recipe

Make this simple and delicious watermelon caprese salad recipe for all your summer soirees this season. It’s light, refreshing, and very yummy. Don’t take it from us, though—try it for yourself!

Today’s a big day for The Lysst. Today we’re introducing our resident health and fitness expert, Sara Eichinger. Sara trains The Lysst’s founder a few days a week, making sure she doesn’t blow up like a balloon with all her indulgences she somehow justifies. Sara’s a fellow boss babe, which makes her even cooler. You can check out her website here: Natural Fitness 704. She’s local to Charlotte, but she will be soon offering remote training services, so be sure to keep tabs on her! We have loved welcoming her into the world of entrepreneurship and helping her build her business (*inconspicuous cough* that website is our founder’s handiwork… #humblebrag).



Because we believe in publishing credible material only (yep, no #fakenews here!), we found you a reputable source to ensure that you are continuing to better yourself in the health department. We’re, like, so nice, right? With all that being said… You’ll find exclusive healthy recipes and booty-busting workouts from us here on The Lysst in the Be Well vertical. Some will also be shared in The Short Lysst, so don’t forget to sign up for your Friday newsletter jam-packed with awesomeness!

Now, on to the good stuff… Here’s Sara with her fresh and delicious and nutritious Watermelon Caprese Salad.

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Watermelon Caprese Salad Recipe

The best thing about summer is keeping things easy, breezy, and light. The Watermelon Caprese Summer Salad is one of my favorite “go-to” dishes. It can be made for single servings, used as a side dish at your next BBQ, or as the perfect light lunch after your summer sweat session.

If you are watching your caloric intake, use the palm method for serving sizes. But, if you are making a big bowl, use as much as your heart desires! And, don’t forget: If you make this recipe, feel free to tag us in your food pics(find us on Insta at @thelysstagram) with #TheLysstEats. We’d love to see your culinary creation! 

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Watermelon Caprese Summer Salad
Easy, light, and refreshing, this Watermelon Caprese Summer Salad is a fantastic summer party side dish or a nutritious lunch.
watermelon caprese salad
Cuisine American, Italian
Prep Time 7-10 minutes
Cuisine American, Italian
Prep Time 7-10 minutes
watermelon caprese salad
  1. Chop and slice the peppers, cucumbers, and onions, and throw them in a large salad bowl.
  2. Then cube the watermelon and mozzarella and add it in. Add the basil paste.
  3. Top the mixture with the spinach, then toss entire bowl mixture together until all the basil paste looks to be evenly distributed.
    watermelon caprese salad
  4. Serve and enjoy on a beautiful summer day!
    watermelon caprese salad
Recipe Notes

You can choose to add extra spinach and other ingredients as desired. I added some leftover grilled chicken at the end for extra protein—it's up to you how filling you want this dish to be!

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