squid ink pasta dishes

5 Sexy Squid Ink Pasta Dishes Across North America

One of the latest crazes in the culinary space has eaters in a flurry. Almost everyone loves pasta, but what happens when you pour black squid ink all over it? Seriously. Squid ink pasta dishes are a thing, and they need to be on your Grub Lysst if you consider yourself a foodie of any sort.

The Obvious Allure of Black Squid Ink Pasta

It’s dark. It’s mysterious. It’s pasta.

In an increasingly more digital world, it’s no wonder humans are drawn to the most Instagram-worthy dishes when dining out. What’s a meal if you can’t ‘gram it, right? We totally get it. (Duh, have you seen our Instagram?) But besides its obvious allure, black squid ink pasta dishes also intrigue the taste buds. Because squid ink is from the sea, it lends a light seafood flavor to the pasta dishes without coming on too strong. Thus, it’s no surprise that most squid ink pasta dishes also include shrimp or another protein from the ocean.

To create squid ink pasta, the ink is mixed into the pasta dough during the preparation process. If you like to make homemade pasta, you could definitely do this at home. Of course, such items are often best prepared by professionals, especially if you’ve never even had squid ink pasta before.

Feast on these sexy squid ink pasta dishes in across North America if you’re not afraid of a little darkness when you dine.

5 Squid Ink Pasta Dishes You Need in Your Mouth

One at a time, of course.

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    1. Squid Ink Linguine a la Chitarra at Flour Shop

squid ink pasta dishes

Charlotte, North Carolina

Part of a menu focused on seasonal and local flavors, the Squid Ink Linguine a la Chitarra at Flour Shop is accompanied by Chilean crab, chili peppers, high-quality olive oil, and tomato sauce with a touch of spice. For added aroma, mint joins the dish. $28

    2. Abalone Squid Ink Dumplings at 1886

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

On the menu at 1886, Parq Vancouver's urban dim sum spot, the Abalone Squid Ink Dumpling is a local fan-favorite—not to mention a Chinese delicacy. Featuring exotic ingredients such as scallop mousse, that sexy squid ink, and salmon caviar, the dish is brought together in fresh dough dumplings made from scratch. There are also sesame oil flavors, per traditional Chinese cooking. $19

    3. Black Bucatini at Bar Garcia

squid ink pasta dishes

Los Angeles, California

Chef Juan Pablo Torre of Bar Garcia serves this beautiful Black Bucatini, complete with squid ink pasta lightly tossed in olive oil and garlic. It's then topped with bottarga, which is a salted, cured fish roe. Order this one if you want one-on-one time with the black pasta.

    4. Squid Ink Gemelli at Henley

Nashville, Tennessee

At the hands of Chef Daniel Gorman, the Squid Ink Gemelli comes to life in an unexpected place. Nashville's Henley calls itself a "modern American brasserie," with the menu featuring an array of innovated Southern foods. This dish stands out with its squid ink pasta, plus shrimp, sherry, lemon, and crumbs from the restaurant's beloved Trailer Baby Crackers. 

    5. Fettucine Isabella at Bar Roma

squid ink pasta dishes

Chicago, Illinois
Eliciting the vibes of the Italian city it's named after, Bar Roma in Chicago focuses on hearty, traditional Italian cooking. AKA, the only kind of Italian cooking there should be. With Chef Fred Ramos behind the menu, the Fettucine Isabella features squid ink pasta topped with shrimp, calamari, and Manilla clams, ensuring this squid ink pasta dish lives up to Bar Roma's "hearty" cooking. There are also cherry tomatoes in this dish, as it's finished with a lemon garlic white wine sauce. $22

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